Surmount Klätterkurser

Klättring utomhus

How do I start climbing?

If you never tried roped climbing before, the best way to start is by getting a green card. The green card is like a driver's license that shows that you know how to climb and belay safely on top rope.

The best way of getting a green card is by taking a top rope course. You will need to bring at least one more person for the course, so we have a climber and a belayer taking turns.

If you want to try climbing on top rope before you sign up for a course, you can book a Try Climbing event with me.

Once you have a green card you can, if you want, continue learning more and get a red card by doing a lead climbing course indoors, or a sport climbing course outdoors. The red card shows that you know how to lead climb and how to belay a lead climber safely indoors.


If you have a green or red card, you can take a sport climbing course and learn all you need to know to be able to climb on top rope and bolted routes outdoors. If you don't have a red card already, you will get one after successfully completing the course.

If instead of climbing on bolted routes, you would prefer to start climbing on protection you place yourself in cracks in the rock, you can take a trad climbing course, called "Grundkurs klippa" or "Grundkurs i klippklättring" in Swedish. There is also a part 2 you can do after you complete the first one.

Book a course


Send me an email, text message, or call me. I use whatsapp, and you can also contact me through Facebook or Instagram. I can do courses on weekdays, weekends, daytime, evening, whenever it suits you.

Top rope course

Learn to climb and belay on top rope and get a green card. 2 x 3h. Price: 1200 kr per person, up to 6 people.

Sport climbing course

Take a sport climbing course and learn to climb outdoors on top rope and lead on bolted routes. Gets you a red card. 2 full days. Price: 1900 kr per person, up to 4 people.

The competent sport climber bundle

This is a much longer course where you will get to learn much more than just the basics. Learn everything you need to be able to climb safely indoors and outdoors, single and multipitch on bolted routes. About 40 h in total. Price: depends on the number of participants.

Hire an instructor

Hire me for anything from a few hours to several days. We can do whatever you like, climb, practice stuff, I can guide you around crags, or teach you stuff. Price: Minimum 3500 kr per day or 1900 kr per person, up to 4 people.

Try climbing

Try climbing for a full day with your friends or colleagues. Bring shoes, food, and water. I will take care of the rest. Price: 5000 kr per event, up to 4 people.

First aid & CPR

Learn first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Be prepared in case of an accident. Price: 700 kr per person, up to 6 people.

Happy climber